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Asian Legend

Asian Legend is now an expanding Chinese restaurant chain with six locations across the Greater Toronto Area, seventh location in St. Catharines, and the newest eighth location at Vaughan. In spite of its modest dimensions, the restaurant stood out in the crowd of other Chinese eateries because of its uniquely Northern flavoured cuisine, as well as the innovative management style of its owners. From the outset, Asian Legend specialized in traditional Northern dim sum and stir fry, and committed itself to providing delicious food at a reasonable price. With 29 years of experience and a devotion to quality and the highest standards, the restaurant has garnered much praise and acquired a loyal and diverse clientele from all over Southern Ontario.

In regard to service, "The Customer's Satisfaction is Our Motivation". Asian Legend is committed to being the best in service and the fastest in bringing dishes to the table, and always accompanied with a smile. We want our customers to feel cherished and special, and that dining at Asian Legend is always a pleasure with the highest levels of satisfaction. Visit asianlegend.ca for details.

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All participants can redeem one Chilled Soy Bean Milk with the email when dine in at Asian Legend next time.

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